Antares Smart LED Street LED Decorative Lamps

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Performance Specifications
Rated LED Burning Hours > 50,000 Hours
Safety Features
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Open Circuit Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
LoRa Unit Controller Specifications
Wireless Frequency 851 to 871 MHz
Security Encryption AES
Transmission Distance 10 Km
Antena Type Integrated
Communication Protocol LoRaWAN
Fixture Specifications
Diffuser Material Polycarbonate
Driver Type Integrated
Electrical Specifications
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Environmental Specification
Working Humidity upto 90%
Vibrations 1G
Model Name Model No No. of Light Sources Rated luminous flux light output Input Current (mA) Input Power Driver Efficiency
Antares 20W Smart LED Street Light HUB-ANT-20W 20 ~2200 ~ 90 mA 20 W > 85%
Antares 40W Smart LED Street Light HUB-ANT-40W 40 ~ 4400 ~ 180 mA 40 W > 85%


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